Examples of Products Designed

  LED Digital Clocks
  LED Digital Clock ( Talking )
  LED Digital Clock Radios
  LCD Digital Clocks
  Analog Clock ( Stepper & Synchronous )
  LED Coffee Maker Timers
  LCD Coffee Maker Timers
  Tea Maker Control
  Toaster Control
  Toaster Oven Control
  Blender Control
  Blender Control with Feedback Speed Regulation
  LED Slow Cooker Control 
  Digital Scale ( Count, Gray Code and Strain Gauge)
  Foot Massage Control
  Automatic Shut Off Timers with Multiple Times
  Motor Speed Controls ( Analog )
  Motor Speed Controls ( Digital )
  Light Dimmers
  Oven Time of Day Timer
  Faucet Automatic  Control (Infrared)
  Self Clean Oven Door Lock Control
  Steam Iron Auto Shut Off Timers
  Weather Radio


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